The Kirpilä Art Collection was donated to the Finnish Cultural Foudantion by Doctor Juhani Kirpilä (1931–1988). The art collection is exhibited in his former home located in central Helsinki. In the charming atmosphere of a well preserved interior you can enjoy a rich and varied collection of paintings and sculptures representing Finnish art from the 1850's to the 1980’s. 

Address Pohjoinen Hesperiankatu 7, 6th floor
00260 Helsinki


Opening hours

Wed 14–18, Sun 12–16

Free admission

Groups also by arrangement: 70 € Mon–Fri, 80 € Sat–Sun.


phone +358 50 351 4337


Museum Director: Johanna Ruohonen


Museum Curator: Pia Hyttinen

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Table Scenes – Contemporary art exhibition celebrating the 25th anniversary of the Kirpilä Art Collection this summer!

Exhibition is open between 28th May and 30th August 2017 on Wed 14–18 and Sun 12–16.

In the exhibition:

Benjamin Bratton

Hertta Kiiski


PWR Studio

Raimo Saarinen

Tomoko Sauvage

Hayley Aviva Silverman

Jenna Sutela & Elvia Wilk


Jenna Sutela


Saara Karhunen

"Table Scenes builds on the tradition of annual cocktail parties organized by Juhani Kirpilä at his home according to the flowering cycle of the chestnut trees in the nearby Hesperia Park ever since the 1980s. "Chestnut Flower Party 2017” consists of an event leading up to a summer exhibition. It brings together a group of international and Finnish artists, researchers, writers and designers around the multiple tables of Kirpilä's apartment, drawing also on the Russian and Chinese porcelain found in its vitrines. The topics of the gathering focus on food and eating, ranging from eating habits to the gut-brain connection as well as related ecosystems and infrastructures. The works on display include installations and sculptures, organic and synthetic edibles and audibles."

— Jenna Sutela

Welcome to enjoy this extraordinary exhibition!

Lecture in English 30th August at 6 pm:

Melliferopolis project (artist, scientist and beekeeper Christina Stadlbauer & independent curator, researcher and beekeeper Ulla Taipale):

Who is Pollinating? The Party is Over.

No entrance fee, welcome!


Examples from the collection

Einar Ilmoni: Istuva alaston poika