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The October application round marks the first time the Finnish Cultural Foundation received over 10,000 applications. As a result, grants totalling over 30 million euros were awarded to support science, the arts, and culture.

The Juhani Kirpilä Fund distributed a total of 360,000 euros in grants to 12 applicants this year, including the first ever Kirpilä Art Collection Research Grant, available for application to PhDs for research related to collecting art, collectors’ collections, memorial houses or artists in the collection of the Kirpilä Art Collection. This four-year research grant was awarded to M.A. Elina Sairanen for studying Finnish art museums founded by private collectors from the 1880s to the 2020s.

Other recipients of grants were M.A. Maija Blåfield, M.A. Timo Bredenberg, M.F.A. Sonja Donner, M.F.A. Elina Juopperi, M.A. Sirkku Rosi, M.A. Essi Kausalainen and workgroup, M.F.A. Mikko Luostarinen, MSSc Sini Rinne-Kanto, M.F.A Pavel Rotts, M.A. Elina Sairanen, M.A. Niina Villanueva and M.F.A. Camilla Vuorenmaa.

The Juhani Kirpilä Fund is based on a bequest made by Juhani Kirpilä (28.9.1931-3.8.1988), a Licentiate in Medicine, from his collection of over five hundred artworks, his home and other assets. The Foundation maintains The Kirpilä Art Collection as an art museum free of charge to the public and supports the visual arts and their research.

Congratulations to all grant recipients!

Lasse Marttinen, Portrait of Juhani Kirpilä, 1962, oil on canvas, 65 x 54 cm Photo: Rauno Träskelin



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