The video work by artist August Joensalo combines an associative soundscape with footage filmed at the Kirpilä Art Collection. The work also documents the exhibition “Years that repeat their days” taking place at the Kirpilä Art Collection in 2022.

The video presents five small art museums in the Helsinki metropolitan area: Didrichsen Art Museum, Villa Gyllenberg, Reitz Foundation and Kirpilä Art Collection, and Gallen-Kallela Museum (2021).

What is the Kirpilä Art Collection? Guide Karoliina Arola and Museum director Johanna Ruohonen introduce the Kirpilä Art Collection.

Jaana Tiiri, a disability rights activist, interprets works from the Kirpilä Art Collection. The video features the artworks “Sitting Nude Boy”, 1907, and “Pine Trees on Rock”, 1920 by Einar Ilmoni, and “Hamlet”, 1972, by Nina Terno.

Juhani Kirpilä’s partner Karl Rosenqvist discusses life on Pohjoinen Hesperiankatu before the opening of the museum, how the art collection grew, and what it was like to live in the midst of so much art. Interview by Museum Director Johanna Ruohonen.

Museum guide Karoliina Arola describes some of the artworks in the Mattas Room and the Formal Living Room.

Juhani Kirpilä (1931–1988) was a Helsinki-based physician and art collector. Museum Curator Pia Hyttinen tells Dr Kirpilä’s story.

Museum guide Karoliina Arola introduces the viewer to making a queer reading of the Kirpilä Art Collection.

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