The Art Collection will be happy to reopen its doors at 2 pm on Wednesday 3 June, and warmly welcomes visitors. We have taken measures to ensure the safety of our visitors and staff due to the coronavirus pandemic, and this includes restarting our operations on a gradual basis. From June we will be open 2 pm–6 pm on Wednesdays and 12 pm–4 pm on Sundays (including Misdsummer, 21 June), but there will be no guided tours, either scheduled or by appointment.

Please do not visit the Kirpilä Art Collection if you have even mild symptoms of a respiratory infection or if you suspect you have been exposed to the virus!

Due to limited space in our entryway, we will only admit one group at a time into the gallery. If the reception area is occupied, please wait before entering, for example in the adjacent Hesperia Park. Please ring our doorbell downstairs to be told when it will be safe to enter the gallery. We ask that no large groups visit the Art Collection together: please come in groups of four at most.

We will admit a maximum of 50 visitors at a time. When moving about the gallery, please observe the needs of others and maintain a safety distance of 1 to 2 metres between yourself and other visitors or staff. As you enter the gallery, we ask that you remove your shoes or wear the disposable slippers provided. There are several hand-washing basins with the gallery and hand sanitizer is provided. Onsite staff will provide further instructions on admission.

In June we will also debut a new hanging arrangement, as a part of which the ‘everyday living room’ has been reconstructed to mimic its aspect of the late 1980s, when Juhani Kirpilä and his partner Karl Rosenqvist lived here. The opening of the As Seen on Television video art exhibition and Raekallio Corp.’s performance Frame will be postponed until August 2020.

We hope you will enjoy visiting the Kirpilä Art Collection and travelling in time back to the 1980s!

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