15.5.2022 @ 16:00 – 17:00

Established in 2017, Saxtronauts is an exploratory saxophone ensemble whose mission is to make high-level art music available to diverse audiences without preconceptions. With a basis in collaboration with various bodies from the fields of science and art, the band arranges music from a range of periods for the saxophone, commissions new pieces, and draws attention to original saxophone compositions. The Saxtronauts – Anna-Sofia Anttonen, Nanna Ikonen, Nanako Lammi and Sikri Lehko – are each multitalented and inquisitive musicians, pedagogues and performing artists. The sax is their medium for exploring the universe.


Lauri Supponen: Ave Maris Stella
Nuño Fernández Ezquerra: Plerion
Tuomas Kettunen: California Diaries

Lauri Supponen – AVE MARIS STELLA
1. Field Research
2. Data Processing
3. Diffusion of Results

Ave Maris Stella is a concert installation in three parts, realised through live electronics and experimental instrument building. It provides a perspective into the Marian ceremonies of the Renaissance. The work is dedicated to the Saxtronauts, paying homage to researchers of their kind throughout history.

Nuño Fernández Ezquerra – PLERION

A plerion or pulsar wind nebula is a type of nebula (interstellar cloud) sometimes found inside the shell of a supernova remnant, with a central electromagnetic pulsar. This piece refers to a specific plerion, SN 1054, better known as the Crab Nebula. Through an almost unchanging sound mass, with the slow motion and natural silence of material shifts, the composition achieves a contemplative, meditative character. For the listener, Plerion is a captivating, almost ritualistic experience. If the supernova remnant is seen as a metaphor, Plerion symbolises energy in its various states of change. These astral phenomena are echoes of a star, which exploded generating an enormous amount of energy – energy which is preserved or possibly altered. The essence of supernovas and their secret remnants becomes a mystical reflection on human existence, life and death, surpassing and dismantling the boundaries that supposedly define us.


“California Diaries is a collection of memories, observations and experiences from the spring of 2018, when I studied composition in Los Angeles, California. The materials on which the composition is based include recordings of an ocean waves, crickets, helicopters, emergency vehicles and traffic jams. Additionally, I used musical ideas I had gathered and recorded during that time in a kind of musical diary. Based on these materials, the piece found its form – first as a clarinet quartet version and later as a saxophone quartet.”

Free entry. 30 seats are available. Please sign up by 4 pm on Thursday 12 May by emailing pia.hyttinen@skr.fi

We look forward to seeing you!

Photograph by Heli Blåfield


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