Our summer exhibition ”Hidden Pictures – Double-Sided Canvases in the Kirpilä Art Collection” puts on display paintings from the reverse side of canvases, which have been forgotten or rejected for one reason or another. We can only guess at why the reverse was dismissed, but the most likely reason is simply the artist’s dissatisfaction with the end result. The hidden work may not necessarily have been a draft of the finished piece, but that is sometimes the case. All in all, the Collection has around twenty double-sided works. Their abundance is due to the historical period favoured by the collector in his choices. The exhibition presents eight works made between 1909 and 1948.

Undeniably, our exhibition presents art that the artists did not intend to show to the public as finished works. This may be unfair towards the artists, but we hope that the cultural and historical significance of showing the works makes up for this injustice. Information on the front sides of the canvases can be found on the iPads placed in the room.

The exhibition can be visited during our opening hours, Wed 2 pm–6 pm and Sun 12 pm–4 pm.

Warmly welcome!

Photo: Harri Tahvanainen