After a long break we’ll be open again on Wednesdays at 2 pm–6 pm and on Sundays at 12 pm–4 pm.

Come and explore our new hanging, with a special focus on the art of the 1920s! The 1920s was a time when recently independent Finland lived through profound social and cultural changes. Indeed, many artworks in the Kirpilä Art Collection show a tension between tradition and modernity that was typical of the time. The exhibition Building a Nation – ”Windows Open to Europe”: The 1920s in the Kirpilä Art Collection is curated by art historian Dr. Antonella Perna.

The artworks in the exhibition can also be studied via our online exhibition, rich with new research information, opening on 5 May.

For the time being, guided tours are not arranged, but our staff is happy to help if you have any questions related to your visit or to the collection. For your own group you can book a remote guided tour from our webshop: webshop, or by email:

We want to make sure your visit is as safe as possible. Therefore, all visitors over the age of 12 are required to use a face mask inside the museum. The amount of public in the premises will also be limited.

And of course, important: please do not visit the Kirpilä Art Collection if you have even mild symptoms or if you suspect having been exposed to the coronavirus!

A warm welcome to the Kirpilä Art Collection!

Photo: Riitta Supperi

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