Welcome to the exhibition finissage at the Kirpilä Art Collection on August 18th during which there is a guided tour in Finnish at 12.30 pm, artist talks in English at 1.00 pm, and a performance by Polat Ghasemloo at 2.00 pm.

🦋🌹 Waiting for the hidden gardens to draw us
— closer 🌹🦋

[…] Verse 6.
They went up to the sunroof to see the life of the lemon tree
buried with sorrow of the gardeners’ touch
unable to reach the life it has given you
he squeezed the juice with his bare hands
to give me the nutrition he wasn’t capable of giving during the years that slowly had turned white […]

Kirpilä’s second contemporary art exhibition 🦋🌹 Waiting for the hidden gardens to draw us — closer 🌹🦋 curated by Nayab Ikram and Ramina Habibollah is on display during our opening hours on Wednesdays 2.00 pm–6.00 pm and Sundays 12.00–4.00 pm until August 21st.

The art exhibition navigates through the questions of multiple interpretations of home. The featured artists Ana Gutieszca, Anna Ting Möller, Alejandro Montero Bravo, and Polat Ghasemloo have worked to reimagine home based on feelings and memories through sound, video, sculpture, installation and painting.

The exhibition is open until August 21, 2019.
Free entry on Wed 2.00 pm–6.00 pm and Sun 12.00 pm–4.00 pm.
Groups also by appointment.

Photo: Riitta Supperi